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Bridal Maternity Lingerie
Something Blue Set
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Pink Cheeks
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Meet Me In Red
Meet Me In Red
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Hot Mama Event

Maternity Intimates - Love Is In The Air - Nursing Bras, Panties & Nightwear

Whether you're feeling flirty, romantic or sexy, find your perfect match with our irresistible LOVE IS IN THE AIR collection. Reveal your romantic side .

Love Is In The Air Event Bras intended for pregnant women are also used when breastfeeding. The names maternity bra and nursing bra mean the same thing. When fitting different styles, make sure you open and close the bra cup. Most bras open for feeding in and some are gentle to pull off than others. Seek Out bras where the whole cup creases away, as compared to stiff 'trapdoor' styles which can also put pressure sensation on a full breast while feeding. Center front and shoulder clench styles are available.

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